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Our Philosophy...

The philosophy of a club, its leadership, and even the art itself is an all-important factor for anyone to consider before becoming a student. As such we believe that a student's development should extend beyond the physical and have at its very root, the goal of self-perfection. With this in mind, we teach a discipline that forges one's character by trial and by fire. We promote a social gathering of like minded friends where cultural differences and prejudice are abandoned. We devote ourselves to an incredible fitness program unlike anything found in a gym, And of course, as we have recently seen in the UFC and other MMA events, we study an immensely effective means of self-defense. But more so than anything else, what we do is best expressed as a way of life. A philosophical approach that embraces challenge, but teaches us to overcome without adversity. Through training we learn to yield to the forces of life, but never to break. We learn to care for one another, and to always be willing to give more than we receive. We learn that success is found on the other side of many trials; and that the only true path is through a focused discipline.


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